Do you want to go to university this October ?

You’ve spent the majority of your final year at school locked away in the library and the time has come for your A Level results day on 15th August- time to find out if your university plans are to become a reality. If you haven’t secured your place by results day, your journey does not have to end.

Clearing provides an opportunity for university applicants who haven’t yet secured a university place to find vacancies on degree courses for the coming October. These can include places freeing up where other candidates haven’t met their criteria, and courses which aren’t yet full.. Whether you didn’t make the grades to get into your first choice institution, you didn’t receive any offers beforehand or maybe you only decided university was for you after the applications deadline, clearing is your chance to be heading off to university.

Some institutions, such as GSM London, give you the chance to find out more about the courses that still have spaces available before clearing day. GSM London also have dedicated course advisors available to call now to discuss your options. By the end of August 15th you could have your place to start studying the degree you want. It is important to remember what you want from your degree, where you want it to take you and that the institution is right for you and will get you where you want to go. Clearing is your opportunity to secure your place, your future starts here.