Light Wand Slot Machine, an invention of Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Light Wand Slot Machine, an invention of Tommy Glenn Carmichael

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Sweepstakes slots use cheat codes much like any other casino or betting game. The ‘light wand’ is another invention of Tommy Carmichael. Like many of his inventions, the device had a rudimentary design but was highly effective. This is a tiny flashlight that is wired to a computer. Tommy made use of it to enter slot machines that ran on optical sensor technology. According to casino cheating lore, Tommy Glenn Carmichael invented the light wand slot machine and video poker cheat.

Similar to a monkey wire, a light wand supposedly operated on apparatus created to thwart the monkey wire scam. Tiny cables with a battery-operated bulb at one end are called light wands.

It was created by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, among the most talented slot machine cheaters. Up until this point, many players have looked for this equipment to get their hands on lucrative slot machine games like Latest Poker Bonuses.

Usage objectives

Typically, a light wand is used in slot machines. In general, players use all tangible winning objects to fool the slot machine’s mechanics and get it to stop recording the necessary payouts. All winning strategies and techniques are known to be incredibly challenging to execute, whether players turn to keeping the slots open or merely blinding them to prevent them from sensing the required number of coins being inserted. Most of these devices, including sabotage, light wands, and money frauds, need teamwork rather than individual participation.

The Construct

The light wand was designed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The essential working principle is comparable to the monkey wires. The light wand’s intended use as a backup for the monkey wire’s failure is the only distinction. The primary characteristics of the device were it’s compact and lightweight, as well as its little light, wire, and battery.

The operation of a light wand

The slot device is known to use a specific optical system created for accurately counting the coins once they are entered into the slot machine if the winning combo is matched. The light wand must be placed such that it only temporarily blinds the reader with the specific optical slots. With such a tool, the slots seem to be more likely to be cleared when a winning combo is struck, enabling the Gamer to move on to the following victim mechanic.

Repairing a Light Wand slot machine

Notably, Tommy Glenn won the jackpot while utilizing the light wand device. Without Tommy’s girl’s help, he could have been apprehended. The removal of the monkey wire tool is equally hazardous as its insertion. Any of these techniques can be utilized when gaming at online casinos, where only skillful play matters. You can certainly follow some sage advice, but it’s quite legal and possible for other players to use them at the very same time.


One of the most well-known slot machine cheats in history, Tommy Glenn Carmichael, was renowned across the gambling industry for creating a light wand that made it simple for him to win big winnings when playing slots. His plan succeeded by blocking the slot machine’s optical sensor, which kept track of the number of coins put into the slots. As a result, the machine was unable to payout out the right amount, which allowed Tommy to turn small winnings into significant jackpots with the use of his allegedly magical light wand.